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That hugging trees is good for your health is certainly not discovered by me. Silvotherapy, also called dendrotherapy, tree therapy, tree hugging, or contact with nature and embracing trees, is an ancient practice. It consists of a real therapeutic method of treatment and prevention of diseases through trees. I show you the last one I hugged…
I found it in a hamlet of Udine called Bonavilla and is a oak , Quercus robur, commonly called oak.

From this wonderful meeting was born the work that I show you at the bottom of the page and that is now part of the series “HUGS. The Tree Calling”, the life project through which I try to express in photography what I feel for the trees from which I am most strongly attracted.

The oak (oak) of Bonavilla (UD) in color

to find it follow the signs for the Parco del Beato Bertrando/Bonavilla, Pasian di Prato (UD), about 9 km from the A23 motorway.

The oak (oak) of Bonavilla (UD) in color

For convenience I also report the geographical coordinates: 46°03’49.0″N 13°09’43.2″E

It was a beautiful winter day, full of light and expectations and the place suggested large spaces full of natural sounds and historical remembrances. It was there, it seemed it was waiting for me, both eager for a mutual embrace.
As a “photographer of trees” many friends of nature and the environment had told me about it. But the meeting was still a surprise to be savored slowly, as I like it, approaching without haste.
It is difficult for me to express in words the love for trees: it is easier for me to do it through my photos. I hope that this will be able to convey to you even a part of what I have felt.
In any case, I advise you if you will be in the area to look for it and to be flooded by the wonderful sense of well-being that it transmits. Its energy and therapeutic power are enormous and available to everyone…
Hugging the trees is beautiful. Now for me the most difficult task is to find a title to the photo-hug of this new tree. And all your suggestions as always will be welcomed!

The oak (oak) of Bonavilla (UD) in my latest fine art print in B / W

Fine Art furniture print from digital on Hahnemühle German Etching 310 gsm paper – 100% α-cellulose in limited series, numbered, signed and certified. Available while stocks last in 45×60, 60×80 and 97.5 x 130 cm sizes.
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