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NOMINATION in the FAPA 2023 – “HUGS. The call of the trees”

NOMINATION in the FAPA 2023 – “HUGS. The call of the trees”

Nomination in the FAPA 2023 competition for the project “HUGS. The Tree Calling”!

My project “HUGS. The Tree Calling ” received a nomination in the prestigious London competition FAPA Fine Art Photography Awards 2023, dedicated to photography.

The photos you see below in preview were presented in the Fine Art Professional section of FAPA and were awarded as a whole, or as a project, for me the most important thing.

Obviously I am pleased when they appreciate me on a work. And especially when someone tells me that they get moved looking at it. At that moment I have the impression that the charge of energy, combined with the great sense of well-being that I had felt with the tree, spreads.

At the same time, I am glad to think that the deeper meaning of my message also extends to other people, increasing attention to trees. In my opinion, unfortunately, never enough.

Nomination at FAPA 2023 in London for the project "HUGS. The Tree Calling"

Above I show the photos sent to FAPA that you can see, along with the other photos of “HUGS. The Tree Calling” in the Gallery

This is the text with which they communicated the good news to me:

“Dear Luca,

Congratulations! It is our pleasure to inform you that your entry has been awarded in the 9th Fine Art Photography Awards!

HUGS. The Tree Calling – Nomination in Professional Fine Art category

Congratulations on your great work and thank you for the support and trust!

Fine Art Photography Awards Team”

Finally, the certificate of the FAPA 2023 competition that they sent me in PDF and that I will keep among the good memories …

FAPA 2023 certificate to Luca Zampini

A new critics’ award for my work dedicated to trees that encourages me even more to go on spreading it. Today I am particularly proud of this recognition received by such a distinguished international jury. Thanks to all the members of the FAPA 2023 Commission!



My trees will be present at REMTECH EXPO, the most awaited annual event on the themes of rehabilitation, regeneration and sustainable development of territories (Ferrara, from 21 to 23 September 2022).

The topics discussed during the congress are vital for the fate of the planet, there will be tens of thousands of visitors, discussion tables and delegations from many countries of the world.


REMTech EXPO Ferrara

Photography also has the power to awaken consciences and make people think.
The FIAF (Italian Federation of Photographic Associations) had proposed this very current theme to its members, giving life to the national project AMBIENTE CLIMA FUTURO then resulted in hundreds of exhibitions throughout Italy.

On the occasion of Remtech Expo, FIAF Emilia-Romagna offers a selection of photographic works on the subject created by the regional circles enrolled in the project.

I am happy and honored to be part of this important event in Ferrara, in the only Environmental Technological Hub. Environmental issues are at the heart of my work; for years I have been using creative photography to raise people’s awareness. Loving nature also means protecting it and therefore looking for every way to preserve it.

As Greta Thunberg, the young Swedish activist for sustainable development and against climate change, says, “I’ve learned that you’re never too small to make a difference.”

My trees at RemTech Expo

I will exhibit two large fine art prints with photos of trees, linked to as many projects:

HUGS. The Tree Calling “, that is , my love for them and

… as trees cannot fly.“, a color project with humanized trees that ask us for help to remedy the damage we have caused.


21 – 23 September 2022 | FERRARA FIERE – via della Fiera 11 – Ferrara (1° floor)


RemTech Expo, the only permanent international event specialized in protection and sustainable development of the territory, reclamation, coasts, instability, climate, seismic, regeneration and sustainable industry



Television recording of my TV interview on CANALE ITALIA.
The art critic Antonio Castellana talks with tree photographer Luca Zampini in the series “Percorsi D’arte” conducted by him (Arte Italia, TV channel 125).

I, excited, tell a little about myself, my background, my mother (the artist Carolina Marisa Occari),  the Ferrara Photoclub,  the FIAF  my next exhibitions. But above all I talk about my life project HUGS. The Tree Calling tied to the trees and moved by my love for them.

During the broadcast, about twenty minutes or so, 6 of my fine art photographic prints are shown. The same who intrigued Prof. Italo Zannier

Have a nice vision!

Luca Zampini


A sincere thanks to Dr. Castellana for inviting me to this interview on CANALE ITALIA – 21 May 2021.



ITALO ZANNIER: The emotion of a meeting

Really an unexpected and exciting meeting that with Maestro Italo Zannier. I’ll tell you how it went…. Last week at the end of the television program “Percorsi d’Arte” in which, interviewed by the art critic Castellana, I tell my project about trees, the editorial staff of Canale Italia informs me that among the phone calls received there is that of Prof. Italo Zannier.

Italo Zannier? The photographer, academic and pioneer of the history of photography in Italy? I think of a candid camera and ask “It’s a joke, isn’t it?”. “No, no. He saw your works on TV and said he would like to know you. He left his number so you call him back”.

Well, it wasn’t a joke… smile

Prof ITALO ZANNIER meeting

Being able to meet Prof. Italo Zannier, spend a whole morning with him talking about art and photography and listen to his comments on my work was a unique and exciting experience that I will never forget. And he also told me that we will see each other again!


I thank Prof. Zannier and his son Giulio for the welcome, the time they dedicated to me and their beautiful words on my project.

Here, if you want, the link to see my TV interview on Canale Italia. Have a nice vision!


Professor Italo Zannier photographs one of my fine art prints of the project “HUGS. The Tree Calling
See this and the other photos in the Gallery.




Interview with Radio News 24. My first time on a national frequency radio…

Interviewed by the national broadcaster Radio News 24 I tell a little about me and my photographic project on the treesHUGS. The Tree Calling”

Very excited, as always I let myself be overwhelmed by my own enthusiasm. I tried to tell the feelings that drive me to look for these hugs and the emotions I feel, but it is not easy. When the interviewer asks me how I am experiencing this bad Covid period, I think to themany beautiful things that are happening to me, despite all. HI tried to name at least a few

Thanks to Radio News 24 for the opportunity!

Below the video with the live interview, also present on my Youtube channel