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… as trees can not fly.

Trees are watching us. They’d like us to realize how unnatural is the world we’ve created around them. They look at us in the hope that we will improve it. They resist and suffer. Increasingly sparse survivors, too unpriced in our day to merit attention.

The basic idea of this project was to have a gloomy photo with a humanized tree looking at the observer in front of him. The feeling that inspired me is to communicate suffering and desolation, with the desire to send a warning to those who can do something within the scope of their possibilities. The trees are in their natural color while everything around them is patently distorted, with an abundance of violet and yellow colors in the sky and in the earth, to signify an unhealthy and unnatural environment. I left, sometimes sought after, visual disturbance elements such as crooked horizons /lines given by the wide angle pushed with consequent deformations or trees not centered with elements of full and empty unbalanced at their sides. I reduced the visibility of the eyes to make it clear only after a while to be observed and, instinctively searching for other eyes in the nearby panels and finding them, feel a certain sense of discomfort. And the eyes are sad or serious. The trees are there, still: they cannot fly away, just look at who caused this and hope that the same will remedy it.
The violent colors I used do not belong to me: in fact, I love softer and more delicate shades, so I was really disturbed by what it was to keep the idea I wanted to convey!
Good vision, even if in reality you are the object of observation

Luca Zampini

WORKS FOR SALE. Limited editions of 5 copies each, available as fine art prints on fine cotton paper in sizes 45×60, 60×80 or 97,5 x 130 cm.