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ITALO ZANNIER: The emotion of a meeting

Really an unexpected and exciting meeting that with Maestro Italo Zannier. I’ll tell you how it went…. Last week at the end of the television program “Percorsi d’Arte” in which, interviewed by the art critic Castellana, I tell my project about trees, the editorial staff of Canale Italia informs me that among the phone calls received there is that of Prof. Italo Zannier.

Italo Zannier? The photographer, academic and pioneer of the history of photography in Italy? I think of a candid camera and ask “It’s a joke, isn’t it?”. “No, no. He saw your works on TV and said he would like to know you. He left his number so you call him back”.

Well, it wasn’t a joke… smile

Prof ITALO ZANNIER meeting

Being able to meet Prof. Italo Zannier, spend a whole morning with him talking about art and photography and listen to his comments on my work was a unique and exciting experience that I will never forget. And he also told me that we will see each other again!


I thank Prof. Zannier and his son Giulio for the welcome, the time they dedicated to me and their beautiful words on my project.

Here, if you want, the link to see my TV interview on Canale Italia. Have a nice vision!


Professor Italo Zannier photographs one of my fine art prints of the project “HUGS. The Tree Calling
See this and the other photos in the Gallery.