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My trees on display in Bari with the C.N.R.

I am really happy and honored that the C.N.R. of Bari has chosen two of my trees from the project “HUGS. The Tree Calling ” for the centenary of this important national institution.

BARIcode – zero edition (https://baricode.it/), is the name of the initiative for the dissemination of science and the transfer of knowledge to the territory, organized together by CNR, the University of Bari Aldo Moro, the Polytechnic of Bari, INFN, LUM, ARTI, Academy of Fine Arts, Niccolò Piccinni Conservatory, taking as a stimulus the celebrations of the CNR which turns 100 years since its foundation in 2023.
The name resembles the barcode, but the name of the city of Bari also emerges. The message is that Bari proposes a new cultural, identifying code of sciences and arts, in a relationship of exchange and dialogue.
The theme chosen for BARIcode – Edition Zero is the tree, which in all cultures is considered a universal symbol of life. The tree represents strength, resilience, and growth. In many cultures, the tree is a connection between the earth and the sky, a naturalistic materialization of wisdom and knowledge. Trees and forests are critically important for the health of the environment, preserving and improving soil conditions, and supporting biodiversity by providing food and shelter for countless animal and plant species.

“Diramazioni”, Photographic Exhibition, Bari 23-27 October 2023
It’s called “BRANCHES | Branchings” the photographic exhibition organized by CNR in collaboration with AFNI – Association of Italian Naturalist Photographers on the occasion of BARIcode. The exhibition will be set up from 23 to 27 October 2023 in the evocative spaces of the Fortino Sant’Antonio, a hinge between the old city and the sea. In “BRANCHES | Branchings”, a selected group of 29 renowned local, national and international photographers tells the story of their relationship with trees with their artistic sensibility and personal vision, now naturalistic, now poetic or dreamlike. “BRANCHES | Branchings” is not a photographic competition, but a reasoned selection of authors and works that will try to recreate as a whole the emotion of a sentimental excursion in a forest of images. Having two of my trees on display in Bari with the C.N.R. is truly a wonderful thing!
The selection of the photographic works was curated by Fabrizio Cillo (CNR researcher) and Leonardo Battista (professional photographer), both members of AFNI Puglia.

Vernissage: Monday 23 October 2023, 5 pm
Location: Fortino Sant’Antonio, (ground floor), ingr. Emperor Augustus Promenade, Bari
Opening days and hours: 23-25 October, 10 a.m.-7.30 p.m.; 26-27 October, 4-7 p.m.
Events at the same time at the Fortino Sant’Antonio: pomological exhibition “Biodiversity and genetic resources in agriculture” (CNR), exhibition on greenery in construction technologies “Nature-based solutions in construction” (CNR), installation “Fiber Trees” (POLIBA).
Free admission



They exhibit for “BRANCHES | Branchings”: Antonio Aleo, Giorgio Amato, Nicola Amato, Francesco Ambrosi, Pietro Amendolara, Leonardo Battista, Paola Buonomo, Giovanni Cenerino, Fabrizio Cillo, Luca De Siena, Daniele Frigida, Beppe Gernone, Franco Giacopino, Giulio Ielardi, Sara Jazbar, Fernando Lucianetti, Ana Muntada Sagrado, Francesco Paci, Melchiorre Pizzitola, Felice Placenti, Valentina Rosati, Giovanni Stimolo & Renzo, Simona Tedesco, Mauro Tronto, Annemiek Wauben, Julia H. West, Alberta Zallone, Luca Zampini


Fine Art print for Interior Design by Luca Zampini

Above are the two works selected by the curators, from left: “ABBRACCIAMI” and “LESSINIA 1”.
You can see these and all the other trees I’ve come across so far in the GALLERY section above or by clicking directly on this link. Have a nice vision!