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That is, some of the most frequently asked questions they have asked me since I started to explain my work… (click on the “+” on the right to read the answers)

But is it true that you do not recognize them?

Contrary to what many people think, absolutely true. I am not an arborector nor an agronomist, a botanist or simply a tree scholar. Despite having purchased several books on trees, they are often unable to recognize their species and varieties. And sometimes this also happens with those whom I “embrace” and with whom I spend a lot of time! It’s not fundamental to me. I just love them…

Why do you give such simple titles to your photos?

I’ve never been good at giving titles to what I create or just the photos I take but in the case of trees I never even thought it really important. At first I thought I would call my “hugs” tree 1, tree 2 etc. Then I switched to olive tree, plane tree, white mulberry … without any other specification. From the first exhibition of 2017 I realized that people like to know at least where the tree is and I started to indicate it in the titles: The beech of Pani, Sophora_Savorgnano, The apple tree of Pesariis …. Since a few years, considering that within my photos of trees many people see other things, I started to ask for help from friends on Socials and based on their suggestions I then choose names that I like like “A smile for you”, “Waves”, At school with trees”and then I look for a short poem or aphorism that binds to that title in view of a future book. It is additional time that I devote to trees from which I have been fascinate. It could not be better…

Do you also have photos of trees in color?

YES. My life project “HUGS. The call of the trees” is only in B / W, in homage to my mother, a great engraver and favorite student of Morandi who at the Academy of Fine Arts in Bologna would have wanted her as his assistant.
However I created several projects with color trees.
by clicking on the links below you can see two projects I did to express my pain in seeing how we, stupid humans, treat trees


…as trees cannot fly.

However, I also have a lot of single photos of trees in color. If you like contact me and let’s talk about it together!

Do you only take pictures of trees?

Obviously not! By clicking on the link below you can see a project I did on my city, Ferrara, to whose modern and certainly less known part I tried to give my vision.
Ferrara Modern – “P22” (Project 22)

But I also have many other photos, for example those that have obtained awards at competitions and many made in various trips around the world. Although I am very selective, my photographic archive is really vast and heterogeneous. If you wish contact me and talk about it together

Is it possible to have prints in other formats as well?

After many tests, I defined 3 sizes for my reproductions: 45×60, 60×80 and 97.5 x 130 cm. This allows me to better manage the LUCA ZAMPINI archive in which I record all the sales made, because when the fifth and last copy of the edition is purchased I withdraw the work from sale. If you are interested in different sizes but still more than 45×60 cm contact me and I will try to understand if I can satisfy you.

Can you tell me some stories about the trees you met?

Certainly. For everyone I have a particular memory that binds me to him. Tell me which one interests or intrigues you and I will gladly answer you as soon as possible.

Work on commission?

I did it in the past for real estate photos of interior designers for hotels, villas, holiday homes and b & b but about the trees for now I would tell you … Depends on. Tell me about your idea and let’s see if it’s possible!

Can you advise me on how to frame the work I'm interested in?

Very willingly. From the link below access a page, which I created ad hoc for this purpose, with several ideas:

How could I hang it?

If you do not find the optimal solution there, write to me and I will try to give you some personalized suggestions. Free of charge and without any commitment on your part.

Because for the project " ... because trees can't fly." you only took 8 photos and for "ABBRACCI" many more?

Because the first one is an idea That I developed to raise people’s awareness of the environmental problem, and eight large photos in a room seemed like enough to make it. “HUGS. The call of the trees” is instead a life project, which goes on with me until I have the opportunity to look for new trees.

Can you tell me a little more about your prints?

Gladly. I did tests for over a year before defining what today seems optimal for my work:

1.fineart prints on paper of high quality and durability Hahnemuhle German Etching 310 gr / m2 but you can find a lot more information on the page “SHOP”
Dimensions 45×60, 60×80 and 97,5 x 130 cm.
Each photo is produced with care and attention to detail. If you want more details or maintenance instructions write me as well.

What technique do you use? How do you do that?

This is a question that they ask me often, especially photographers and photo amateurs. I don’t actually use special effects. In summary I could say that I use overlaps of different shots, that is, those that I need to produce the ideas that I explain on the page: I approach you, I embrace you, I would like to protect you etc. This takes a lot of time, thinking with your heart and less about technique. When the image take form in my mind I start shooting. Then at home stacking the shots on each other I get more or less that image. All the time I dedicate it to the tree, not to the PC. And if I don’t have enough time, I give up shooting, as I do if that tree doesn’t give me emotions superior to pure beauty.

How do you find your trees?

Sometimes meetings happen by accident. More often I start from research done on the web, hoping that among us the “magic” will take place.
My main sources currently are the lists of the monumental trees of Italy of Mipaaf (Ministry of Agricultural, Food and Forestry Policies), the Facebook groups Lovers of monumental trees, Big Tree Seekers, friends of trees and ascuoladaglialberi.net but I also do a lot of research on Google and Instagram. Then I have many friends who after being at one of my exhibitions send me photos of trees for WhatsApp asking me if they could “inspire” me. This kind of positive contagion with them I find definitely fantastic! The research therefore starts mainly from monumental trees although then maybe love is born for another nearby, not particularly old or important for bearing, history or location (what I affectionately call the foundlings).

Is there a map of your meetings?

Given that I have many trees both in Italy and abroad that I can’t wait to reach to find out if something snaps between us, below I tried to map those for whom I felt something shocking, from which were born then “hugs,” visible now in Gallery… GO TO THE MAP

Some inscriptions collected from my signature notebooks...



Your sensitivity and skill hits the mark strongly and makes us feel embarrassed and rightly guilty for the harm we continue to do to Nature and to this Mother Earth who lovingly hosts us. THANKS

I hope to see the gazes of these trees a little more serene next year. Thanks for the pure intensity of the experience!

Always particularly good and original. Eyes that look worried. Eyes that question us. Where do we go?

These trees “… cannot fly” but with their looks, they speak! One more message for all of us.

By looking you realize how small we are to ruin them, and, in these photos, we understand it.

Thanks, Luca! Once again, a delicate /disruptive invitation to reflect that comes to us from our friend TREE.