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They wrote about me or, better, the poet Lucia Boni wrote for me this wonderful text as an introduction to my first solo show at the Galleria del Carbone in Ferrara…


TREES – Alberi. Introduction by the poet Lucia Boni


[…] Those who decide to devote their attention to the tree, must be attracted to it, there must have already been a falling in love and this happens by nature, already from childhood. You are arranged, like the spectator in the theater in front of an actual show, ready to get involved until you become an integral part of it, with your breath inside the breath of the actor […]

Luca Zampini, stands precisely with this attitude of respect, in the relationship with the subject of his representations. The scene of his photographs, lived from afar or more closely, around and next to it, below and in front is space to travel, to live, to wrap. Only in this way will the image that Luke recreates not represent the appearance of the tree, but its substance itself. What Luca cares about is not the aesthetic effect, but the idea of dedication, the sense of embrace.
Of the trees then resumes the shape, the volume, the shape, the bearing, the flexibility even, one could say, the olfactory essences […]

In the works exhibited at the Galleria del Carbone it is highlighted how the artist can contribute to form and recreate, in this case on the printed surface, a new three-dimensional rarefied. The embrace of the eyes is represented by the overlapping of the different shots, effects of the infinite transformations in the possible points of view, in a single image. The tree is a portrait that becomes an icon, a symbol.
Man identifies himself with the tree, he is reflected in it. On the other hand, the tree identifies itself with man, goes to meet him, looks at him, knows him, questions him and reproaches him. Luca Zampini’s trees hide among their own fronds and expose themselves with their eyes. In both versions they represent life, breathe, above and below the diaphragm of the earth.
Lucia Boni
Ferrara, octobre 2017

Article by journalist Giorgia Mazzotti on www.ferraraitalia.it, Oct 2017
Trees become works of art in the photos of Luca Zampini

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